Private archaelogical tour of Lemnos

Discover the mythical homeland of Hephaestus known as the crossroad of civilizations and the inspiration of many travelers. Lemnos is an island with rich mythological, historical and archaeological interest.

  • Lemnos was first mentioned by Homer as the dearest earth of all the lands.
  • The mythical Argonauts stopped for supplies in Lemnos on their way to Colchis and the Achaeans on their way to Troy.
  • The most famous cities in mythical times, as mentioned by Homer, were Hephaestia and Myrina and this is the main reason that one of the names of Lemnos was Dipolis (two cities)
  • During the Frankish period 1207 – 1276, Lemnos came under the authority of the Venetian family “Navigkaziozi” and the fortifications around the island begun. Lemnos was a Byzantine province until the fall of Constantinople to the Turks in 1453 when the island came under the dominion of the Venetians.
  • In 1479 Venice was forced to cede Lemnos and other islands to the Ottomans. In 1770 during the Russian-Turkish war, the Russian Admiral Orlov disembarked in Moudros and besieged the Castle of Myrina.
  • In 1771 Turkish Admiral Hasan Pasha in order to help the besieged Turks in the castle displaces Orlof’s fleet.
  • In 1821 the Greek revolution begins. On October 8, 1912 the Greek fleet, led by admiral Kountourioti, occupies and releases the island from the Turks.
  • During the first World War, Eleftherios Venizelos provides Lemnos to the British as a base for the Battle of Gallipoli.
  • In 1922, because of the Treaty of Lausanne and the population exchange, Turkish people are leaving the island and 4,500 refugees arrive in Lemnos build new communities and affect the lives of the locals enriching folklore with recipes songs and dances.

The tour starts from your accommodation and can be adapted to your needs and the hours you can spend. Among others, we will visit the 3 largest archeological sites of the island, Ifestia with the ancient theater, Poliochni with the oldest parliament of Europe and Kaviria with the mythical cave of Philoctetes.


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Private archaelogical tour of Lemnos



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