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Lemnos is an island that stays true to its flavors, true to its traditions, origins and above all, true to its visitor. A warm welcome awaits you all year round, every month of every season. When there, explore all its treasures, on both mountain and sea.

I was more than excited to visit Lemnos - it was a wonderful chance to spend a few days enjoying the hospitality offered by people who truly love their island and support it at any given chance. Lemnos is a magical place you'll love immediately - I sure did and I'll be more than happy to return anytime soon.

There's a wide range of activities to do while you're there and I had a really hard time trying to list just a few of them. Flavors to taste, beaches and archaeological sites to visit, activities and spots to enjoy.

When i finally did limit all these options into a 5+1 list of things to do while in Lemnos, these were my propositions.

1. Strolling around Myrina - day & night.


Myrina is the island's capital, port and the place you'll begin your adventurous trip from. You'll be mesmerized by its cute harbor while you'll love the stone-paved alleys - all-time favorites of mine - surrounded by old houses along the coastline. A wonderful maze, you'll enjoy getting lost into, following all the little shops towards the city centre.

Take a walk along the coastline, next to the fishing boats at Myrina's beach and let the smells of fresh fish lead you to one of the taverns to enjoy a meal next to the sea.

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2. Enjoy the amazing food and wine.

Do not resist to the sweet conspiracy of delicious food and wine Lemnos is setting up for you; it will literally seduce you into falling for the island eternally and never want to leave. It's a combination of both materials and technique into producing, preparing and offering those to the visitor. One of the biggest pro's of the island is its sufficiency in raw materials; great products to support both the economy and the place's well-being.
The island's geographical area and rich grounds are both vital but they can't be compared to the love its own habitants have to offer to it. Each plate and each favor you taste in one of the many restaurants and taverns of the island, hides a dash of the love and caring with which everything is produced. Agriculture, animal husbandry, fishing and  viticulture are all blooming in Lemnos contributing to the amazing experience of sensations you will experience while there.
  Lemnian products are of excellent quality, thanks to its rich grounds; the worldwide known Kalathaki and Feta cheese, the wine, the finest honey you'll taste, flomaria, - Lemnos' traditional pasta - wheat, rusk and traditional sweets. They make a great reason for you to visit the island once more - just so you can sit along with the locals and taste everything again.

λήμνος, ταξίδι, φαγητο

λήμνος, ταξίδι, φαγητο
λήμνος, ταξίδι, φαγητο

λήμνος, ταξίδι, φαγητο

λήμνος, ταξίδι, φαγητο λήμνος, ταξίδι, φαγητο


3. Walk barefoot at Lemnos' own Sahara desert at Ammothines.

It's one of the biggest surprises the island holds for its visitors; you most definitely should visit it first while on the island! Ammothines are believed to be Europe's only desert and are located at the north of the island, a little outside Katalakos Village. National Geographic's documentaries don't stand a chance compared to what you're about to see at Pachies Ammoudies.
  It's such a bizarre scenery; sand and sandhills facing an all-green landscape just a few feet away. Enjoy a walk at the sandhills or even curl down them - if you feel like climbing up again!

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4. Take your daily dose of history by visiting the Sanctuary of Kaveiroi, the Cave of Filoktitis and Hephaistia.

Let's begin this tour at the Sanctuary of Kaveiroi, located near the village of Panagia, just across Hephaistia. The Kavirian Sacraments that took place at the Sanctuary was an annual religious ceremony, to honor Kaveiroi and it was associated with earth's revival and fertility. The main halls of the Sanctuary were the Telestiria, the initiation altair where the holy truth of the Mysteries was revealed to the initiators. The ruins of the altair are of the late antiquity, a clear sign of the survival of the Mysteries through centuries. In this mystical, spiritual atmosphere, you'll drawn into learning more for the history  of the Sanctuary, like I did.
  Next stop - the Cave of Filoktitis, right below the Sanctuary. Legend has it that the Achaioi made a stop at Lemnos on their way to Troia. There, Filoktitis was bitten by a snake and abandoded there. He lived 12 years in that cave where we eventually healed - using the beneftits of the Lemnian earth who was thought to be healing. Make a visit at the Cave and take a dip into the deep blue waters.
  Near today's village Kontopouli, you'll find the archaeological site of Hephaistia. Tombs, residencies, the ancient theatre of Hephaestia and the newly inaugurated Roman Theatre are some of the sights you'll encounter while there. The Great Godess' Sanctuary and the Necropolis are of extreme interest too. Make sure you schedule a visit!

ιερο καβειρων, ΛΗΜΝΟΣ καβειρια, λημνος λήμνος, ταξίδι, καβειρια
Περπατώντας μέσα στο χώρο του Ιερού των Καβείρων

λήμνος, ταξίδι, καβειρια
Η θέα προς τη θάλασσα, στεκόμενη στο χώρο του Ιερού.

λήμνος, ταξίδι, σπηλια
Η είσοδος προς τη Σπηλιά του Φιλοκτήτη

λήμνος, ταξίδι, αρχαια ηφαιστεια λήμνος, ταξίδι, αρχαια ηφαιστεια λήμνος, ταξίδι, αρχαια ηφαιστεια
Ο αρχαιολογικός χώρος της Ηφαιστείας και το ελληνο-ρωμαϊκό θέατρο


5. Take pottery classes.

At Kontopouli village you'll find Mrs Konstantina. She owns a ceramic's lab and loves her island and its products. Lemnian earth was considered to be healing from antiquity - it was used as a medicine for many purposes; a cure for dysentery, ulcer, as a cure for venom and many more. It was thought to be Filoktitis' cure of his snake bite.
  At the Terra Limnia lab you'll feel the benefits of Lemnian earth while you work it between your fingers. You'll even make your very own vase - it takes time, don't get dissapointed on your first failed attempt. My pottery classes were part of the Taste Lemnos project and I want to greatly thank Alexandros - the project manager - for offering me such a great experience.


λήμνος, ταξίδι, λημνια γη λήμνος, ταξίδι, λημνια γη


6. Climb up at the Myrina Castle.

My visit at the Myrina castle with the wind blowing and the view of the island laying beneath me, was such an intense moment, I deliberately left it last. It's one out of two things that will most definitely stay in your memory for long after your visit; the other is probably the delicious food. 
  The imposing Castle of Myrina is the largest fortress in the Aegean and while it suffered great damages, it still takes visitors. Up above the capital, Myrina, it stands tall and while the climb up there is rocky and hard, it is worth the try as the view is truly breathtaking. Same goes for the view of the castle at night.  

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My list of amazing experiences I enjoyed while in Lemnos was far too big to put in a sigle post; If I could, I wouldn't be able to put in words just how magical this place is. I didn't have the chance to visit any of the island's beaches so I chose not to mention them on this post - I'm sure you'll find an amazing one on your stay there, it isn't that hard!

Taste Lemnos along with Pravlis Travel offered me and a group of fellow Greek Travel Bloggers this amazing chance to experience the beauties of the island and I really need to thank them for it. It's rare for young people to offer their support and love to their home island instead of leaving the country. Alexandros and Tonia combined powers in order for us to live a great few days and experience first hand their immense love for their island.

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See you soon Lemnos!