About us

A story that begins on our island, Lemnos!

Pravlis Travel was initially founded in 1926 as an immigration agency by Athanasios Pravlis, starting at the same time cooperation with “Faros”, one of the largest travel agencies in Athens, a collaboration that lasted for approximately 60 years.

Nikolaos Pravlis, the founder’s son, took over and maintained the business from 1947 until the mid-1970s, when the number of Greek emigrants started to decline, having succeeded in helping a large percentage of our compatriots who sought a better life abroad. Subsequently, the immigration agency evolved into a travel agency, issuing tickets to all domestic destinations and helping with all travel procedures (visas, passports, etc.).

In 1986 Alexandros Pravlis, son of Nikolaos Pravlis, takes over Pravlis Travel. Certified IATA (International Air Transport Association) agent, with excellent knowledge on the issuing of domestic and international tickets. For many years Pravlis Travel was the only agency in the island of Lemnos authorized by IATA to issue air tickets with all the airlines in the world. Alexandros Pravlis also entered dynamically into the field of shipping, acting as the central port agent to some of the largest shipping companies in Greece and serving hundreds of commercial ships, private yachts and cruise ships.

In 2016, 90 years after the initial founding of the agency, Alexandros Pravlis founds the companies “Pravlis Travel IKE” and “Pravlis Shipping IKE”. The agency will continue to operate with the fourth generation of travel and shipping agents, Antonia and Nikolaos Pravlis.

Since our founding and for more than 90 years, we have managed with continuous effort, professionalism and dedication to gain our clients’ and collaborators’ respect and trust. You can travel with us with consistency, safety and reliability, from Lemnos, to Greece and all around the world.